Why Use GIANT Postcards


No need to spend thousands to get good results. Campaigns are budget friendly.


The only way to proactively target top customers. No calling, knocking or guessing.


Eye-popping postcards are simple to spot and easy to read. GIANT Postcards get response.


Objective tracking shows accurate return on investment immediately. NO WAITING.

Giant Postcard provides


without Spending  THOUSANDS!

Discover Why this Method is...SO POWERFUL.

  • RAPID RESPONSE : Instantly reach thousands of local buyers with nearly 100% exposure
  • FULLY EXCLUSIVE: You won’t have any direct competitors who could damage your response
  • BRILLIANT COLOR: Beautiful full color glossy card stock that DEMANDS Attention
  • NO COMMITMENT: No contract required, just pay and go!
  • TRACKABLE ROI: Quickly determine HOW MUCH Profit you made with REDEEMABLE Offers
  • CO-OP Buying POWER: You PAY only a tiny fraction of the total cost, yet you REAP all the Rewrds. Make everyone else pay for your ad!

Get Directly in Front of Thousands of Local Buyers INSTANTLY.

98% of consumers bring in their mail daily*


If you want to be sure your message gets seen, our Giant co-op postcard will dwarf everything else and demand instant attention to your services.

  • Instead of spending a fortune to advertise your services, brand, or special offers…simply “ride along” with our Local Co-op for only pennies per view.
  • No other medium on the planet can place you so QUICKLY in front of the entire neighborhoods like this Giant postcard can.
  • Best of all we don’t allow competitors, so it’s either your or them – there’s only room for one. So join our co-op today and reserve a spot on the next campaign before a competitor does.


Still looking for


why postcards are wildly successful compred to




  • TV/RADIO:  Depends on people watching at that particular moment. Nearly impossible to tell if customers respond to it or not.
  • OUTDOOR BILLBOARDS:   Doesn’t have tracking ability and takes long-term exposure for people to notice it.
  • COUPON PACKS:  Always get littered across thousands of homes but only a small percentage open them; typically the “bargain” hunters you don’t want anyway. You end up squished between competitors and multiple pages, plummeting your true exposure down to peanuts.
  • INTERNET MARKETING:   Exposes you to people actively searching for your services, but for every person searching, there are many more who would respond if you simply invited them.

Think about it if you had one chance to send a critically important message to someone.


  • Do a commercial and HOPE they saw it?
  • Put it in a Coupon mailer and HOPE they opened it?
  • Upload it to the Internet and HOPE they surfed over it?

✔ That's WHY Giant Postcards work so well, it Simply GET your message in front of everyone, every single time without fail.

Don't let your competitor steal the spotlight from you, RESERVE your Space in our Co-op campaign NOW!

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