COMPETITION or COMPETITOR ! What a big and ugly word when it comes to business owners’ mind ( you can Agree or Disagree! ). We always wish they don’t exist and so our business endeavor will rise without a glitch – aren’t we? But they do. What can we do? Well, to start – Create an UNFAIR advantage over them. HOW?, below are the simple and easy to remember points to ponder when considering on HOW to out wit your Competition or Competitor the White Hat way.


    • Position your Strengths to their Weakness – Every company has weak areas.  Position your Brand where you can outperform them.


    • Maximize Value, Minimize Waste – VALUE equals to Customers’ WANTS. Communication, Products’ constant improvement.


    • Know your Numbers!Tracking is the word. How much is your Customers’ VALUE? Your Cost per Acquisition? ROI?


    • Target Larger Clients – “It’s a strange phenomenon, but smaller companies sometimes need more hand holding and have more service issues than middle-market companies with established systems.”   Source:


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