Google’s SPEED Update, Now rolling out to all users Worldwide in 2019


Are you affected with this SPEED Update Algorithm?

You are impacted, if your Website is:

  1. Not Mobile Ready, it used to be a ranking factor used for Desktop only  – not anymore! the algorithm will detect if your website is Mobile Responsive|ready or not. If not – it will be outranked and tossed to the bottom and will be evaluated by other Ranking Signals, i.e a Relevant Content.
  2. Mobile ready but the Speed Score is low but it is not the end of the world for you – there is a solution! Yes – you can figure out what makes your website’s speed so slow – Get your site Tested! Then correct the errors, that’s it.

Speed Test my website

The Speed Update is purely Algorithmic. Meaning you still have the chance to Rank even in Google’s 3-Pack if you are optimizing your GoogleMyBusiness account where Google is now focusing on – Hyperlocal is where Google is headed. If you want to appear in local queries, like searches “near me” – then it is important that you have to re-evaluate your marketing strategy especially if you want to dominate local online search.

If online marketing isn’t your priority right now but still want to dominate local exposure – then it is imperative that you must dominate your local area by other offline strategies.

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